Advertise With Us

We offer certain types of advertisements on Right Sidebar Area, Home Page Content Area and Footer Sections.

Available Ad Slots:

  1. 300 x 250 “Medium Rectangle” for Right Sidebar Area
  2. 300 x 100 “3:1 Rectangle” for Right Sidebar Area
  3. 150 x 560 “Wide Skyscraper” for Right Sidebar Area
  4. 150 x 300 “Vertical Banner” for Right Sidebar Area
  5. 420 x 54 “Full Banner” for Home Page Content Area
  6. 420 x 210 “2:1 Rectangle” for Home Page Content Area
  7. 283 x 100 “Rectangle” for Footer Area

For any queries regarding advertisement please send us email on

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Minimum contract duration is one month
  2. We accept;
    • Animated/GIF Banners
    • JPEG Image
    • PNG Image

Contact us for reserving your order, further details, customized ad slot and for any further query

Payment Modes:

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